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Hand spinner and a knitter and soon to try weaving. I also like nature photography, baking, cooking and stained glass.
I live on a farm in Rural Ontario with my husband and 3 dogs. Our 3 sons are all grown now.

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The other day I introduced you to Lola, my grand puppy. I had just brought her back from having stitches removed from an injury to one of her rear legs. 

Today I give you: Princess! 

Princess is our rescue dog that came here to live with us on the farm 9 years ago.  She’s a lovely dog but is not very trusting of strangers (if you knew her life, you’d understand), but she is my little protector on the farm. EVERYONE around here is petrified of her (and rightfully so!) and I’d like to keep it that way. She loves who she loves and everyone else should just go away, well that’s what she believes anyway.

She’s part Yellow Labrador and part Border Collie (and there’s some question about a bit of wolf in her). She’s also the mother of our two other dogs, Penny and Bear…but we’ll save Penny and Bear for another day. 

Don’t you just love my mummy-puppy?


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